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Remove Profile Path with ADMODIFY

ADModify is a tool that is created to make it easier to modify / import / export objects in Active Directory in bulk.

Remove Profile Path for all users?

ADModify.NET is an easy-to-use standalone tool. First you have to choose the domain and the domain controller. Then you select the organizational unit that contains the user accounts you want to change. Clicking on “Add to List” will copy all user objects in this container to the list in the right pane. You can tell ADModify.NET to traverse sub containers. It is also possible to filter the user objects that will be copied to the right pane with a LDAP query. Next, you have to select manually which user account you want to edit. You also can just select all user objects in the right pane.

After you click “Next,” the properties dialog you know from ADUC will open. You can edit multiple attributes here, but I advise against it if you have to change a large number of user accounts. It is safer to use multiple steps for that. ADModify.NET saves each user account’s original values in an XML file, which allows you to undo all changes. If you have to correct your settings later, you can do that for a specific attribute. Also note that changing a large number of user objects can stress your domain controller significantly. I couldn’t undo the changes made to the “Account is disabled” attribute; ADModify.NET seems to have a bug here. The undo function worked fine with other boolean attributes.

Select the box Profile and type ” Null ” in Path and hit GO

This should work…