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DCPromo in Windows Server 2012?

In past versions of Windows Server, after using the GUI to add the Active Directory binaries to your server, you would use DCPromo to promote your server into a Domain Controller. However, DCPromo was deprecated with the release of Server 2012.

Installing Active Directory on Server 2012

You can still add the binaries through the GUI, but underneath the hood even that is using PowerShell. For that reason we will keep the whole article in PowerShell. To add the binaries simply open a PowerShell Console and run the following:

Add-WindowsFeature -name ad-domain-services –IncludeManagementTools –Restart

Once the installation is complete your computer will reboot. We are now ready to install a new domain controller in a new forest, so open a new PowerShell Console. There are three PowerShell commands you can use to promote your server into a DC:

•Install-ADDSDomainController – Creates a new domain controller in an existing domain.
•Install-ADDSDomain – Creates a new domain in an existing forest.
•Install-ADDSForest – Creates a new forest.

Since we don’t already have a forest we will need to use the Install-ADDSForest cmdlet.

Install-ADDSForest –DomainName “AD.yecimedia.com”

You will then be prompted for the Restore Mode password and asked to confirm that a server reboot is OK.

Once your server is back up you’re good to go.


Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up A Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller

In Windows Server 2012, dcpromo has been deprecated.

In order to make the windows server 2012 domain controller we will install ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services) role from the server manager on Windows Server 2012.

First we will change the server name let say server2012dc and the IP address (try to avoid using default


“Before You Begin” screen provides you basic information such as configuring strong passwords, IP addresses and Windows updates.

On Installation Type page, select the first option “Role-based or Feature-based Installation“.

Scenario-based Installation option applied only to Remote Desktop services.

On the “Server Selection” Page, select a server from the server pool and click next.

To install AD DS, select Active Directory Domain Services in turn it will pop-up to add other AD DS related tools. Click on Add Features.

After clicking “Add Features” above, you will be able to click “Next >” as shown in the screen below.

On the “Select Features” Page, Group Policy Management feature automatically installed during the promotion. Click next.

On the “Active Directory Domain Services” page, it gives basic information about AD DS. Click Next.

On the “Confirmation” Page, You need to confirm this to continue with this configuration. It will provide you an option to export the configuration settings and also if you want the server to be restarted automatically as required.

After clicking “Install” the selected role binaries will be installed on the server.

After “Active Directory Domain Services” role binaries have been installed and now it is time to promote the server to a Domain Controller.